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  • Why Berkeley House?

    Berkeley House has been influencing the way language is taught in Japan since the founding of our language center and teaching method back in 1973. Today, more than 45 years later, Berkeley House is still dedicated to empowering our students through assuring they meet their language goals in high quality and engaging programs.

    Berkeley House Language Center teachers have the unique responsibility of helping a variety of students who have high expectations for their language classes. We are looking for experienced teachers who know how to truly teach student centered classes and differentiate classroom instruction depending on the student. Depending on your position, as a teacher at Berkeley House, you will most likely teach a combination of students and types of classes, including:

    • 中学

      Junior High and High Schools

    • 大学

      College and University

    • 企業

      Corporate Programs

    •Junior High and High Schools: ALT positions (solo and co-teaching), English camps, Staff training, Study Abroad preparation
    •Colleges and Universities: English language, Test Preparation, English or skill camps, Culture and communication, Staff training, Community outreach
    •Corporate Programs and Business English: Business English, ESP, Presentations, Meetings, Email Writing, Telephone English, English for Socializing, Test Preparation


    Proven and Effective Teaching Method

    Berkeley House’s approach to teaching is based on our 45+ years in the field of language teaching, plus insights from our sister company, Berkeley Professionals, which specializes in business skills and global mindset courses. We have created a system that allows teachers to use their expertise and skills developed in the field, but also maintains consistency in regard to lesson planning and teaching techniques. Our teaching techniques address the unique background and needs of Japanese language learners by emphasizing the importance of language use in an authentic context and always making sure that the student is centered in the class.

    It is vital that our students know that they are being taught by a Berkeley House teacher through the level of professionalism and lesson consistency displayed in the classroom.

    • 中学


    • 大学


    • 企業


    So, why work for Berkeley House?

    • 講師の質×バークレーメソッド

      Our Teachers

      BHLC teaches more than 40 languages and as a result, BHLC teachers come from various countries and backgrounds. A unifying factor, however, is our teachers’ eagerness to teach others a foreign language and keep students passionate and motivated about language learning. Most of the teaching programs available at BHLC provide the student with the opportunity to meet several of these instructors, and thus enrich their learning experience.

    • 学習目的×日本人に最適な教材

      Our Classes

      From young language learners to adults, Berkeley House boasts an extensive range of unique programs and teaching materials designed to deliver language training for the real world. We specialize in creating customized education programs that may use standard textbooks or in-house materials. You will not be bored as a teacher at Berkeley House and will have the opportunity to utilize your teaching background and experiences to meet the unique needs of each student.

    • 40年以上の教育

      Our History

      Berkeley House Language Center was founded in April 1973 by the Hagiwara family based on their passion for language learning and the belief that communicating across cultures is a vital skill for Japanese people. Through learning another language, our students expand not only their communication ability, but gain another point of view and way of thinking. They gain confidence in their ability to speak to those from other cultures allowing them to exchange ideas.

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