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    Is it possible to only teach one type of learner?
    If you apply for a Full Time Satellite position (business or ALT), you will teach one type of learner. Rotating Tokyo teachers must be willing to teach a variety of students.
    How and when do I get paid?
    Teachers are paid monthly by direct deposit. Transportation expenses to/from work locations are reimbursed after being calculated.
    How long is the contract/commitment?
    Standard full-time / satellite position employment contracts are for one year with the option to renew based on mutual agreement. We do at times offer 6 month contracts.
    What does a typical schedule look like?
    For Full Time Rotating Tokyo teachers, you will receive your schedule the Friday before your work week. Lessons can be scheduled anytime between 9:00-21:00, although sometimes we have early lessons for special students. You must be willing to work on a rotating schedule, but contact hours are limited (typically 25 hours per week) to make up for this.

    Business Satellite Teachers and ALTs tend to have more fixed schedules set at the beginning of the semester.

    I’m an experienced English instructor, can I negotiate to get higher starting salary?
    All instructors start at the same salary, regardless of background or experience. We do have a promotion and raise system in place so those who stay with us long-term have a way to work up in the company. Please contact us for more information.


    How many vacation or sick days will I receive?
    Full time teachers are eligible for 10 vacation days which they can start using after 6 months of employment. We ask that teachers request holidays that work around their regular lesson schedules as missing work happens less often in Japanese work culture and our clients expect our teachers to respect this tradition.

    For teachers who are renewing their contract, they are eligible for an additional vacation day yearly, with a cap of 20 vacation days.
    Do I have to work on Japanese National Holidays?
    Our instructors are eligible for National Holidays, although they do not always fall on the exact date as our clients tend to have their own holiday schedules. We do have a system of ‘reimbursing’ holidays for teachers who have a student who needs a class on a National Holiday.
    Do I have to work on Christmas?
    As Christmas is not a National Holiday in Japan, classes may take place. New Years is a holiday, though, so the office is closed during this time.

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