How to Apply

Please send the following documents to Berkeley House Language Center:

  1. Cover letter stating type of position desired
    (full-time, part-time, English teacher, Spanish teacher etc.).
  2. Resume outlining work experience and education
    Official copy of university degree.
    Copy should be an official copy from your university registrar’s office
    ( a university degree is required for all positions at Berkeley House Language Center).
  3. Education history in detail, including dates of attendance and locations of your primary school, jr. high school and high school and any other formal schools attended.
  4. Note- If this information is contained in your resume you do not have to include a separate sheet with this information.
    Copies of any pertinent certificates or licenses.
    References are preferred.

To Reach Us:

  • On Line Application Form:
    Currently this form is not working. Please send us your application form by email. Please make sure to include your name, birthday, address in Japan, address in your home country, nationality at birth, present nationality, telephone number, email address, visa status, and visa expiry date. Please attach your resume including education background, teaching qualification, and job history.
  • By Email:
    Berkeley House Language Center
    Attention: Mr. Hashimoto
  • By Mail:
    Berkeley House Language Center
    Attention: Mr. Hashimoto
    4th Floor, Tanaka Bldg., 5-1, Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0076
  • By Telephone:
    Country code (81)3-3262-2711
    Domestic 03-3262-2711
  • By Fax:
    Country code (81)3-3288-1684
    Domestic 03-3288-1684