Dress Code

Professional Business Dress Code * Women

  • No tank-tops or T-shirts
  • No jeans or denim slacks
  • No flat sandals
  • No back-packs
  • Professional conservative attire for business.
  • Dresses/skirts – knee length or longer
  • Shoes – no less professional than flat dress pumps
  • Brassieres must be worn
  • Children’s class teachers are recommended to wear smocks or aprons
  • Hair must be clean, brushed, and tidy

Berkeley House Language Center: The Areas

  • No sandals or open-toed shoes of any kind
  • No back-packs
  • No corduroy or cotton pants
  • Suits or slacks and jacket are expected attire
  • Professional conservative attire for business.
  • In summer, short sleeve shirts are acceptable but top button must be buttoned and tie snug.**
  • Hair must be clean and groomed.

This dress code is in effect any time a teacher is on the premises.
**Some organizations implement “Cool Biz” in summer. You may not have to wear a tie at these places.
A general rule might be: If you have to ask yourself, “Is this acceptable probably isn’t.

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