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Berkeley House Language Center prides itself on being one of Japan’s premier language schools. We provide top-notch foreign language education to a large number of Japan’s blue-chip corporations, government agencies, schools, universities and private individuals.
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Berkeley House Language Center: The Areas

Ichigaya, headquarters
Centrally located in upscale Chiyoda ward, Ichigaya, offers an ideal work setting in a leafy residential and commercial area. The streets are alive with students coming and going to Sophia University and professionals heading to JICA, Sony Music, and other top companies in Japan. As a teacher at Berkeley House Language Center, you can take advantage of the school’s prime location and enjoy the time between classes. You can have a leisurely lunch in one of the many restaurants, which mostly have Japanese and Italian menus, have a quick cappuccino in a bustling cafe, or just explore the area and see what you find. (For instance, a short walk up the street from Ichigaya station, will bring you to Yasukuni Shrine, a historic, solemn site that becomes shrouded in a blanket of lush cherry blossoms in the spring.) Ichigaya is only ten minutes away from the major shopping and business areas of Shinjuku and Shibuya, so most errands can be taken care of quite easily. The rents on apartments near Ichigaya tend to be high, so most teachers choose to live in one of the many bedroom communities outside of Tokyo. However, commuting is extremely easy as Ichigaya sits at the crossroads of the JR Sobu line and three subayway lines – the Yurakacho, Shinjuku, and Namboku lines. Ichigaya is a very convenient location to work!
Mito Branch
Breathe in some of Japan’s history at the remnants of this former castle town, or take part in one of the lively ongoing festivals.
Mito City, lying in the central part of Ibaraki, has developed as the commercial, economical and cultural center of the prefecture. The area on the north side of the station retains the appearance of the olden days. The feudal era network of streets is studded with various historical sites, such as the Kodokan School, founded by the ruling clan in the Edo Period, and the ruins of Mito Castle.
The newly developed area to the south of the station has quite a few elegant shops and restaurants. This area also enjoys abundant nature, including Lake Senba and the Sakura-gawa River, lined with beautiful cherry trees.
Kairaku-en Garden is known as one of the three great gardens of Japan. With more than 3,000 plum trees of 100 varieties and other seasonal plants including azaleas and Japanese bush clover, it is a place of relaxation for local people of all generations, from young couples to families. One can freely enjoy all sorts of fine arts at the Ibaraki Museum of Modern Art, Art Tower Mito and the Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History.
Mito Han Jidai Festival, held annually in autumn and highlighted by the historical parade, and Mito Komon Festival, held in summer, are also sightseeing musts, as well as other seasonal festivals such as Sakura(cherry blossom) Festival, Tsutsuji(azalea) Festival, Ajisai(hydrangea) Festival, Hagi(Japanese bush clover) Festival and Kiku(chrysanthemum) Festival. Cited from Japan National Tourism Organization
Other offices
Berkeley House has offices at Clients’ training centers in Nagano and Fukushima prefecture where 20 to 30 teachers teaching 15 to 20 languages intensively almost throughout a year. 

A History

April 1973 Berkeley House Language Center (BHLC) opens for business in Rokubancho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
January 1978 Officially founded as Berkeley House Inc. in Gobancho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
April 1978 Joint operations begin with West Virginia University in the United States. As a separate entity from BHLC, West Virginia University Japan Branch Office is established in Ichigaya, Tokyo.
April 1980 BHLC’s second location opens for business in Ichigaya, Tokyo.
April 1984 BHLC’s third location opens for business in Ichigaya, Tokyo.
October 1990 Joint operations begin with California State University, Hayward. California State University Information Center Japan is established in Ichigaya, Tokyo.
March 1991 BHLC achieves third place nationally in the language education service business area of Nikkei Data Bank’s Ranking of the Best 70,000 Companies.
May 1993 Awarded by the local tax office as a “Top-rated Corporation”.
April 1998 BHLC employs more than 150 people providing language instruction to more than 2000 clients.
June 1998 Awarded by the National Tax Administration Agency as a “Top-rated Corporation”.
May 2004 Awarded by the National Tax Administration Agency as a “Top-rated Corporation”.
(Three consecutive terms)
October 2010 Officially acquired a License to be an Outsourcing Agent.
Feburuary 2015 BHLC increased the capital to one hundred million yen.
2015 BHLC’s fourth location opens for business in Mito, Ibaraki.
2015 Formed a separate company called Berkeley Professionals in Ichigaya, Tokyo.
2015 Awarded by the National Tax Administration Agency as a “Top-rated Corporation”.
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